Byways 2021: A project of the Scenic Byways Coalition and America’s Byways Resource Center

About the Byways 2021 Blog

An integral part of the Scenic Byways Coalition’s “Byways 2021” initiative is the Byways 2021 Blog. The Blog will be used to share ideas about future opportunities for the National Scenic Byways Program and to solicit readers’ comments and indications of support - as well as to stimulate other ideas about the future of the byways program.

Essays by prominent byways supporters will be posted bimonthly on this Byways 2021 Blog. Each will highlight visions and ideas for the future of the National Scenic Byways Program. We invite you to read each essay as it is posted, to “rate” the ideas presented and then to respond with your own ideas which will be available for review by other Blog visitors.

Our goal is an innovative forum for sharing ideas, expressing opinions and gaining consensus of opinion on byways program opportunities and priorities. The collected statements and a summary of the Blog consensus process will be made available to byways leaders, policy makers and the National Commission on Surface Transportation Policy and Revenues which will make critical recommendations to Congress on the future of surface transportation in the United States.

So, read up and weigh in! And visit often to read new essays by our guest “bloggers”– and to see how others have reacted to your comments and ideas.