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About Brad Cownover

Brad CownoverBrad Cownover is the new Director of Scenic Conservation Services for the nonprofit, Scenic America. Scenic America is the only national nonprofit organization dedicated purposefully to preserving and enhancing the scenic character of America’s communities, countryside and public lands. Brad provides policy leadership and direct scenic conservation services to communities and organizations on a host of scenic conservation matters such as; scenic byways, visual assessments, strategies for visual mitigation, context sensitive transportation planning, scenic easements and other open space preservation tools, and guidelines for the design of the built environment. A significant part of Brad’s role with Scenic America will be in facilitating a series of individually-tailored scenic conservation workshops with byways across the country as part of an agreement with America’s Byways Resource Center.

Prior to his position with Scenic America, Brad served as the Chief Landscape Architect for the United States Department of Interior, Bureau of Land Management (BLM). While with the BLM, he served as the Bureau’s Visual Resource Management (VRM) and Back Country Byways policy and program lead. Earlier in his career, Brad worked as a landscape architect with both the BLM and the United States Forest Service in Oregon where his duties included land use planning, visualizations of forest activities, recreation site design, viewshed corridor planning and methods for improving public involvement processes. Brad did his graduate work in landscape architecture at the University of Illinois and is a member of the American Society of Landscape Architects. He currently resides in the District of Columbia with his wife and 19 month-old son.