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About Teresa Mitchell

Teresa Mitchell is President and CEO of the Great Lakes Seaway Trail, Inc. and the Great Lakes Seaway Trail Foundation. She has been the Executive Director of the byway organization promoting travel along New York’s freshwater shoreline since 1986. From 1972 to 1986, she worked with the Thousands Island Bridge Authority and was part of the conception and development of the Seaway Trail from its beginning in the 1970s. Teresa is a member of New York State’s Scenic Byways Advisory Board and the St. Lawrence International Passport Program Board. She also serves with the Sackets Harbor Area Cultural Preservation Foundation, Rotary International, the North Country Quilt Guild, and the Stone Building Appreciation Society. Her office is located in the historic limestone Union Hotel building constructed in 1817 and now the Great Lakes Seaway Trail Discovery Center and Seaway Trail Headquarters. Teresa is an I Love New York Individual Achievement Award winner and the current Chair of the National Scenic Byway Foundation.